Friday, May 30, 2014

Fun and Frolic

Another take on a recent character design. I'm still not happy with the overall proportions. But I think it's time to move on. Sometimes I get caught up chasing my own tail endeavoring to make something perfect.  Letting go isn't always easy, but often necessary to move forward.


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    1. Thanks, Josh! I always look forward to your IF posts.

  2. Really nice, how do you get some much texture into your work? I like the proportions, I think it works for the character. I absolutely love the atmosphere--I like the texture in the sand, the surf and the clouds.

    1. Thanks Angel. Over the years I've built up a library of textures I like to use in my work. Some are washes done in black ink on different types of paper using various brushes, which are good for backgrounds and special affects. I also have a series of pencil rubbings I did years ago on interesting surfaces like wood and concrete.

      The textures are then scanned and saved as black and white tifs. When coloring in Photoshop I'll select the textures I want, adjust them in quick mask and save them as channels. So later I can load them as selections. The washes lend a nice water color feel to my work and I continue to create new ones as needed.

  3. Again, just really enjoy your color choices!